Commercial Auto & Cargo

Whether your company has a single vehicle, a fleet of more than a hundred vehicles, service rigs or any other vehicles which operate on public roadways in a business capacity, you may  be required to hold a minimum level of automobile and cargo insurance.

Commercial Auto is similar to personal auto.  It is an extension of your plate insurance, but in a business capacity.  link back to auto.

As an operator of a commercial vehicle, you may be legally liable for goods entrusted to your care.  Cargo insurance protects the motoring and shipping public in the event that the carrier damages their goods.

Commercial Auto and Cargo Insurance is not only important to protect yourself, but the Federal and Provincial Motor Carrier Acts makes it a legal requirement for businesses to carry additional liability and cargo insurance in certain circumstances.

The following table shows the legal requirements set out by the Federal and Provincial Motor Carrier Acts regarding your insurance responsibilities.  More information can be found in the Saskatchewan Truckers Guide.

Highway Traffic Act – Saskatchewan

Commercial Services

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