Protect Yourself from Old Man Winter

Protect yourself from Old Man Winter

Don't wait until your car slides through an icy intersection or a tree falls on your truck during a blizzard to find out if you need additional auto insurance. Here are some reasons why you may need an SGI CANADA Auto Pak to keep Old Man Winter at bay!

  1. Are you a snowbird? Did you know that if you're travelling through U.S. jurisdictions you can be sued if you're responsible for causing injuries? Your basic plate insurance provides $200,000 in injury liability coverage, but with an Auto Pak you can purchase up to $5 million very inexpensively.
  2. While down south on your winter vacation you may rent a vehicle. Did you know that you do not need to purchase additional rental insurance if you have an Auto Pak? Your coverage automatically transfers to the rental vehicle and saves you the high cost of rental insurance.
  3. An Auto Pak can provide Family Security coverage up to $2 million if you're in an accident caused by an underinsured or uninsured driver. This is especially important if you drive outside the province or into the United States.
  4. Icy winter driving conditions increase your chance of fender benders. With an Auto Pak you can lower your deductible to as little as $100 so your next fender bender won't break the bank, just … well, your fender.
  5. If you are held at fault for a fender bender this winter, you may need a replacement vehicle to drive while your ride is in the shop. You can purchase Loss of Use coverage with your Auto Pak and it will pay for the cost of a rental vehicle.
  6. Did you follow that sanding truck too closely? An Auto Pak can provide you with Road Hazard Glass coverage to replace a cracked or broken windshield. Or your Pak can provide a reduced deductible for rock spray damage to the body of your vehicle.

  7. Taking your new vehicle out in the blizzard? SGI CANADA's Auto Pak offers Replacement Cost coverage so that if you're involved in an accident, you can replace your new vehicle without depreciation – just be sure to buy coverage in the first four months (120 days) of ownership.

  8. Parking your "baby" or other recreational vehicle for the winter? SGI CANADA's Auto Pak offers Unlicensed and In-Storage coverage options to provide protection during those long winter months.

  9. If you're heading out on the trails with your snowmobile this winter, your Auto Pak can provide coverage for collision and other losses, as well as liability, so all you have to worry about is frostbite.

  10. With an SGI CANADA Auto Pak you can have your deductible waived in the event of a collision with a reindeer or any other wildlife – even if you never saw him.